I never thought that my diabetes will disappeared and my husband’s kidneys would be cured by this

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Chayotes is a light green, pear-shaped fruit with a single, large pit and edible flesh and skin.

The chayote is mild in flavor and has a texture somewhere between a potato and cucumber.

tropical fruits are native to Mexico but are now cultivated in warm climates worldwide. Chayotes are a popular ingredient in Central American cuisine, as well as in food prepared in the Southern United States.

Chayotes have a high water and fiber content and are low in natural sugars, making them the great weapon in battle for losing weight. Chayotes are also high in potassium and amino acids.

Due to its low content in sugar, Chayotes are super in case if you are diabetic and also are great diuretic ingredients, which is good in case of kidney stones.

Still, chayote has a specific taste, and many avoid to eat it. But prepared n following ways will provide many health benefits to your organism.

Chayote and pineapple juice

As mentioned above, Chayotes is great for diabetes and kidneys issues.

Make the following juice:
Preparation: Boil the Chayotes until it lobs and extract the pulp and let cool and then place it in the blender with some pineapple slices until you get a smoothie. Take the juice when it is cold. Take half a glass on an empty stomach.

Chayote and coffee

Preparation: Take the pulp of the chayote and liquefy it with 1 cup of coffee and consume it daily.

Juice of chayote, tuna, and lemon

Preparation: Take the pulp of 3 Chayote, the juice of 1 lemon and 2 peeled prickly pears, and process in the blender or in a juice extractor and store the resulting one in a jar.

Take this juice every day in the morning for 1 month.

Chayote can also be used for beauty treatments thanks to the amino acids and collagen that has helped to regenerate the skin.

Chayote mask for the skin

Take 1 chayote and put it in 2 halves. Rub both halves, one with the other until you get a kind of pasta, add olive oil and mix until you get a homogeneous mixture.

Apply at night and rinse the next day rinse with lukewarm water.

Source: healthtodaymagazine.com

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