7 Key Points To Ensure Good Health Of Private Part

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When it comes to our private parts it may seem that over the years we have learned everything about them, but surprises happen, and very often you have been doing some regular things in the way they are not supposed to be done. Sounds familiar? What is more, the health of your lady parts is crucial, and it is so very easy to disrupt it, one single wrong move and you are at the doctor’s office.

To make sure nothing bad happens to you or to your private parts, we decided to have a closer look at the hygiene. And we have come up with 7 surprising key points, which we rush to share with you immediately. In case, you know all of them – brownie for you!

#1 Pads

Periods are a part of every woman’s life, that is why once in a while you are dealing with pads. How often do you tend to change them? You may not answer that question, but the correct answer would be every 6 hours.

#2 Lukewarm water

Washing your private parts is important, but gentle washing is even more important since it is very easy to disrupt the pH level down there.

#3 Cotton underwear

Of course, there are times when you want to show of that expensive lingerie you have, but wearing it all the time is not necessary. Sometimes a cotton underwear is the best you should opt for.

#4 Diet

You may think what these two have nothing in common. Well, that nasty smell coming from down there may be caused by the food you consume, junk food, spicy food in particular.

#5 Aftersex pee

This one is pretty important no matter how it may sound since it helps your lady parts get clean of all that does not belong there.

#6 Hot bath

A hot bath is not only relaxing but pretty useful for your lady parts as well.

#7 Regular check

We know how annoying it may sound, but it is better to regularly check yourself so that there is no bad outcome waiting for you.

Source: http://healthexpertgroup.com/7-key-points-ensure-good-health-private-part/

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