28-Day Workout Plan For a Smaller Waist & Flat Tummy

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Do you want to get a smaller waist and flat stomach? If so, you must have a perfect and effective workout plan that will help you achieve your body goals. Good news, we have super-hot 28-day exercise plan that will help get you results! Despite the fact that the summer is already knocking at your door, you still have time to get your body into shape!

This well designed workout plan has everything you need to achieve your body goals. It includes the power of strength training and cardio. Four super effective exercises of this workout plan will target every muscles within the abdominal area that will help to build and carve that sexy shape.

So, ladies, as for the equipment, you will need one 10-15 pound dumbbell. This will add resistance for even more calorie burn. And, of course, do not forget to grab a yoga mat and a bottle of water with you.

Before doing the exercises, do not forget to do a little warm-up to avoid injury and stretching. After completing the exercises, you can do some cardio workout for an additional 10 minutes. This is very useful for you, because cardio will only strengthen the effect of training and will give even more burning. It is worth it!

#1. Bird Dog

#2. Push Up Plank

#3. Pike Push Up

#4. Crunches Knees Up

#5. Cardio – Jump Rope

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