11 irreplaceable tricks for shoes. Now your feet will never get tired!

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We often buy a pair of shoes just because it looks good, then we have to fight the consequences. We decided to tell you how to wear your shoes properly, to forget the wefts and enjoy every moment of your day. We hope these tips will get you right.

1.For shoes to not slip, wipe them with abrasive paper.

2. A dry shampoo can get rid of sweat. Of course, this is not the cheapest option, but in extreme cases, you can take this advice into consideration.

3. Make sure that the shoe does not get used to it, use grease.

4. If you have broken the painful tears, prepare a bath for your feet, leaving a pack of black tea in the water for a few minutes. Such a trick is a perfect way to prevent infections.  

5. To get rid of the unpleasant smell of your shoes, use soda.

6. Girls who like shoes on the holster help them with the hair fixer. Apply it inside the shoes, and you will not slip into it.

7. There is nothing more terrible than leg pain. Massage with some tennis balls after the loaded days, and you will feel the immediate effect.

8. The dry deodorant will also easily solve the problem of sweaty feet. 

9. Window cleaning solution will help you turn the color of your other shoe pads again.

10. Cut a piece of a wool sweater to warm your autumn shoes.

11. Using the footwear you can also save space in your suitcase and avoid fraying fragile items.

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